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March 17, 2008


Col. Hogan

Barbarians is an aptly descriptive word, not to say, savages.

Burgess Laughlin

>"I only stayed that long because I wanted to see how Dr. Lewis handled it. // It didn't take too long for me to see that he was, in effect, appeasing them."

You are making an extremely serious charge. What proof do you have for your assertion? I have known Dr. Lewis for 20 years, and I have never seen a sign of appeasement. But I do know he is very diligent about following rules that are part of the contracts under which he works.

> "He wanted to appear 'fair and balanced'. He didn't want to be accused of 'stifling debate' etc."

What is your evidence for claiming to know what Dr. Lewis's intentions were?

You might want to consider other possibilites. One example might be allowing ranters to expose themselves through their own behavior. Another example might be egalitarian or multiculturalist restrictions placed by the university on lecturers to prevent them from squashing students' "free expression of their feelings." (That is the phrasing I heard a few years ago at a local university.)

Michael Stone

Evidence? How about the fact that no one got to ask a genuine question in more than two hours of 'question and answer'?

I thought he was simply letting them hang themselves with their own rope when he let the first person rant for more than 15 minutes. That was sufficient to get such a point across. When the 5th and 6th person did the same it was way past enough.

I have no idea what Dr. Lewis's intentions were during all this. Maybe he should have voiced them rather than allowing audience members who were genuinely interested in his ideas be marginalized by thugs.

Michael Stone

Also, from your own blog:

"A few of the questioners do not merely ask a question. Instead, after Dr. Peikoff's answer, they persist in trying to discuss or even debate his answer. The error here is an instance of context-dropping. In particular it is dropping the law of identity as applied to the Q&A sessions. A question-and-answer period is a question-and-answer period. A question-and-answer period is not a discussion period. A question-and-answer period is not a debate forum. Dr. Peikoff rightly refuses to allow individuals in the audience to draw him into either discussion or debate."

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