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April 11, 2008


Rational Jenn

Hallo, Michael! Wie geht es Ihnen?

When you return to the States, we should get together and practice some pidgin Deutsch! Although I'm sure yours will be much less rusty once you get back from your trip. I might be lucky to keep up with the conversation, but like you, I'm far less self-conscious about such things than I used to be.

Michael Stone

All right. You bring the Bratwurst and I'll bring the Lederhosen!

joe dinicola

You english boobie, a wine drunk is a sure fire toilet hug. You didn't have much to say about your trip so i decided to read about it. Glad to see you risking looking foolish as well. I have made that my lifes work and to hell with the detractors, in fact that is a sure fire way to know wh is woth a piss off or not. be well bubba.

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